Our vision: making elections worry-free for everyone – including you.

The world is growing more complex with each passing day, with new regulations, new threats – as well as new awareness and understanding – that can impact your voters and elections. At ProVoteSolutions, we’re always innovating to stay ahead of the changes that affect our clients. Here are some of our current ideas:

Voter-Verified Paper

Thermal paper ballots record a printed summary of touchscreen votes, provide voter reassurance and an auditable record. Mobile Ballot and Ballot on Demand has less waste, order blank stock for use in multiple elections.

Environmentally Responsible

Our products are made to create less paper and ink waste, while optimizing security and sustainability.

Security Partnerships

ProVoteSolutions is the only highly secure government print manufacturer who is an election printer in the United States. Specializing in secure print and chain of custody assures our customers that their orders are always produced and delivered to the highest security standards.

Patented Ballot Security

ProVoteSolutions is the only security ballot printer that can embed hidden security technology into the ballot which protects voter privacy while also identifying the ballots authenticity. The technology helps eliminate the fear of ballot fraud from duplication and identifies the original print source including the dates of printing.

Two Plant Redundancy

ProVoteSolutions is the only California printer who has two individual production plants which work together to provide production capacity during the critical election cycles. All non-election work is cycled to our Paso Robles division so the larger Porterville plant can concentrate 100% on your election work.