Track N Trace
USPS® Informed Visibility® data provides valuable mailpiece information to efficiency-minded mailers. With powerful reporting capabilities, we can leverage mailpiece scan data for both outbound and inbound mail. These reports help you gain visibility into the mailstream, driving better performance across business operations.
We can collect step-by-step delivery information from postal facilities on your outbound mailpieces’ delivery path, which is stored on a secure website. Reports are generated or downloaded at your request, and allow you to monitor the progress of your mailpieces so you can gauge the delivery effectiveness and predict future performance.
Monitoring the progress and delivery of your outbound mailings helps you improve delivery effectiveness and timing. Monitoring the progress of your inbound mailings gives you notice of incoming Business Reply mail so you can optimize your operations.

Key Benefits
• Destination Informed Visibility with support for Full-Service ACS
• Origin Informed Visibility for Business Reply Mail
• Uses USPS Informed Visibility to deliver end-to-end tracking and reporting of your mailings
• Track by mailpiece functionality that allows you to troubleshoot missing pieces
• Advanced mapping and precision provide expansive performance reporting
• Report data can be archived and password-protected online, or downloadable into multiple file formats
• Reports can be scheduled in advance and automatically sent to you at your convenience via FTP or email
• Drill down into reports to go from scan to piece level detail in seconds
• A wide variety of built in reports that define both inbound and outbound mail processing

BallotTrax is an option for tracking mail ballot envelopes through the postal stream to the final destination at the election division. ProVote has the expertise to set up and print the unique Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB) required for each mail piece to be tracked. Through a simple web application, voters set up notification preferences, including language, delivery method, and best times to be contacted. Voters can choose from email, text, and voice messaging.
With tracking, reports, and branding customization, election officials have a valuable, intelligent tool that simplifies and expedites the voting process while maximizing accountability, reducing operational costs, and building voter confidence.
The service is currently being offered by the CA Secretary of State for tracking of outbound and inbound mail ballot envelopes at no cost to the election official. BallotTrax is also available across the country for connecting county voters to the elections office. For more information please contact us or visit the BallotTrax website at